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Skip bin hire Wellington for all your needs - the best solution.
Manage your wastes with skip bins in Wellington

It will never be that difficult anymore to do waste management in Wellington because there are skip bins for hire. We provide great value of waste collection services around Wellington, especially for commercial sectors.

1. Choose your desired mini skip or bins.
2. We deliver the skip bins to your property, as long as there is enough space for our trucks to pass and secure the bins properly.
3. We'll leave the bins for a week, at least.
4. We come back once the bins are fully loaded with general waste, green waste, construction waste or landfill. If you wish, we can replace it with an empty one.

Just give us a call anytime you need help in managing your wastes. Our contact number is 0800 222 560 or use the form on the right.

Skip Bins Wellington - offering professional and cost-effective skip bin for hire services and waste management.

Free Estimates - Skip Bins Wellington

Call us at 0800 222 560 and tell us the size and type of rubbish you have and our friendly crew will help you decide which type of skip bin you need. You can also reach us via email by filling in the form provided below. Privacy Policy
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